Huquqyat is pleased to announce that it is now accepting new membership applications to join our network.

Huquqyat welcomes dynamic and motivated lawyers and legal practitioners who satisfy membership criteria to apply to join the organisation. By joining Huquqyat, you are becoming part of a worldwide women-led membership-based organization of self-identifying women lawyers and legal practitioners with personal or professional engagement in legal accountability processes in Syria.

Note: if google form does not work in your country, please get in touch with us for the application.

We are looking for inspiring women to join our network and share our work and values with. To keep focusing on our current mandate and objectives, at the moment, we will ONLY consider applications from aspiring members who meet the following criteria:

  1. Women /identify as a woman
  2. Working and/or interested in working in the Syrian context from a legal perspective
  3. Legal background (lawyer, legal practitioner, law student)
  4. Having an interest or experience in conducting legal investigations of war crimes and crimes against humanity, research, advocacy, and justice and accountability in Syria broadly.
  5. Arabic speaker or understand Arabic

What will you get from joining, and what will you be expected to do:

  • Network of like-minded lawyers and legal practitioners
  • Mentorship and bespoke support
  • Ability to apply for your own projects under the umbrella of Huquqyat
  • Technical training/s
  • Priority access to job opportunities that Huquqyat might make available
  • A safe, flexible, and respectful work environment

Huquqyat works in three main areas: reserach, advocacy, and investigation related to Syria. Our members contribute:

  • Research by conducting research projects
  • Advocacy by advocating for various human rights issues and partnering with civil society and human rights organizations.
  •  Investigation by forming legal investigative projects/groups on war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Are you ready to join us? Fill in the form by following this link.