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Alice Bonfatti

Alice Bonfatti is a human rights activist and feminist researcher based in Geneva. She holds an MA in Near and Middle Eastern Studies from SOAS, University of London. She previously worked at WILPF and Helen Bamber Foundation and her work focus on women’s rights and modern slavery. She co-edited and translated the book “Enab Baladi: Citizen Chronicles of the Syrian Uprising”.

Enas Alsaffadi

Enas Alsaffadi is from Gaza, Palestine. She received her Bachelor of Law with a specialization in Human Rights Law from Al-Azhar University in Gaza, which took her during her second year to the International Criminal Court Competition to represent Palestine in the MENA Team. She completed an LLM at the University of Pittsburgh, where she developed a project on women's financial struggles and the role of the micro-finance initiative in empowering women in South Asia. She has worked with the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, the Justice and Law Reform Project funded by UN Women, the United Steelworkers Union (USW), and the Arab American Family Support Center. Currently, Enas is pursuing Masters of Near Eastern Studies at the Kevorkian Center of the University of New York.