We are a membership-based organisation of self-identifying women lawyers and legal practitioners who have a personal or professional engagement in legal accountability processes in Syria

Our Aim

We aim to render justice processes more inclusive to the different ways in which women are subjected to and affected by the commission of international crimes, through promoting a gendered approach to the case work developed, the methodologies adopted in the investigative work, the legal issues addressed, and the witnesses and survivors approached, and, in turn, to the global narrative and understanding of relevant justice frameworks.

Our Mission

We aim to diversify and strengthen justice mechanisms in the Syrian context through promoting women lawyers and legal practitioners to take an active part in and to lead

 investigations and accountability proceedings.



Our Vision

A transformative justice framework for Syria that is developed and implemented through the equal representation and participation of Syrian women lawyers and legal practitioners

Our Values

1- Inclusion, Representation, and Non-discrimination: We respect and value our differences and recognize the rights of all our members to respect, equal treatment, and engagement.

2- Gender-Transformative Approach: We intend to work collectively to challenge gender norms, promote socio-political change, and address gender inequalities in our communities.

3- Capacity-building: We support women lawyers and legal practitioners to participate in and to lead the efforts for legal accountability in the Syrian context.

4- Collaboration: We will cooperate and coordinate with other civil society organisations, groups, and individuals, including those led by and representing victims and survivors.

5- Survivor-Centric Approach: We are committed to using a participatory framework that prioritizes the perspectives and experiences of victims and survivors.